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Shane Loza Designs

Burst of Color Set 1 (Framed)

Burst of Color Set 1 (Framed)

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Introducing a burst of vibrant creativity by local queer artist Shane Loza from Austin, TX – a collection of 4x4" prints that will infuse your space with a captivating symphony of colors. This exclusive set of prints showcases a departure from Shane's signature monochrome style, demonstrating a stunning spectrum of hues that are bound to captivate art enthusiasts. 

Each print is matted on a white mat, accentuating the vividness of the artwork while maintaining a sense of elegance. Encased within an 11x11" matte black frame, these prints not only exude a contemporary charm but also radiate an air of sophistication that fits seamlessly into any interior.

Shane Loza's ingenuity shines through as these prints come together to form a cohesive ensemble of emotional expression. Whether displayed individually to highlight their uniqueness or as a set of three to create a captivating gallery wall, these prints are more than just decorations – they are a celebration of identity, diversity, and the power of colors to convey emotions.

For art enthusiasts seeking to add a touch of Shane Loza's vibrant world into their living spaces, these prints are available for purchase both individually and as a set of three. Elevate the ambiance of your home with this distinctive collection that promises to infuse any room with a burst of color and boundless joy.

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