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Coaster Pride Set 2

Coaster Pride Set 2

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Bring a vibrant and meaningful touch to your living space with our Pride Coasters Set 1. This unique collection features six ceramic coasters, each decorated with a distinct and colorful design made from permanent vinyl. Created by a talented local queer artist in Austin, TX, these coasters are not just functional items—they are a statement of pride and celebration.

Each coaster showcases a different color of the rainbow, representing the beautiful diversity within the LGBTQ+ community. The designs are minimal and elevated, adding a stylish flair to any setting. The set includes:

  • A Heart to symbolize love and unity
  • A Poppers Bottle to capture the spirited and fun-loving essence
  • A Rainbow to celebrate diversity and inclusivity
  • A Harness to honor boldness and self-expression
  • A Jockstrap to represent confidence and freedom
  • Socks to signify comfort and individuality

Perfect for both entertaining guests and everyday use, these coasters are sure to spark conversations and bring smiles. They make a wonderful gift for friends and family, spreading the message of pride, love, and acceptance.

By purchasing these coasters, you are supporting local art and the LGBTQ+ community. Elevate your home decor and celebrate pride with our exquisite Pride Coasters Set 1—an essential addition to any inclusive and stylish home.

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